Isa ES

Computer Nerd

Istanbul , Turkey

Hey there,I am living in istanbul and currently working at Huawei as an Assistant Software Engineer.

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isa es
  • Isa ES
  • Istanbul , Turkey
  • +90 (537) 976-1784

Hey there,I am living in istanbul and currently working at Huawei as an Assistant Software Engineer, I play with Bigdata coded Scala and Apache Spark in my current job but in my personal project I code android and web(mostly backend but i am absolutely fullstack).I mostly use javascript or python according to requirement of the my project idea. I also like try new languages and libraries.

Resume - Personal Info

  • Asst.Software Engineer Oct. 2018 - Cont.

    Scala,Apache Spark,Big Data

  • Jr.Software Developer Marc 2018 - Oct 2018


  • Jr.Software Developer Jun 2017 - Sept 2017
    Tailor Technology

    Nodejs,Express,RaspberryPi,Arduino ..

  • R&D Intern Jun 2016 - Aug 2016
    Video Analitik

    Tesseract Ocr,Computer Vision,Plate Recognition

  • Tutor February 2015 - April 2015
    Gebze Techincal Universiy

    I was tutor in Introduction to Programing Labrotuary lecture.

  • Univercity 2013-2018
    Gebze Technical University

    Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

  • Language Education 2012 - 2013
    Gebze Instute of Technology

    B2-2 Upper Intermadiate.

  • High School 2008 - 2012
    Zonguldak Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi

    Basic mathematical sciences education.

  • Course Management System February 2016
    desing guru

    Designed and Programmed Course Management System in Java.

  • Coffee October 2015
    java crusher

    Analyzed and Programmed a simple REPL Language named Coffee,I programmed Lexer and Parser.

  • Game of Life Simulator December 2014
    multilang coder

    Programmed Conway’s Game of Life Simulator in three programming language (C, C++ and Java).

  • Student Management System March 2014
    a piece of D.Ritchie spirit

    Designed and Prepared a Student Management System in C Language.

    Team Member: M.Cemil Güney

  • GITCheckers November 2013
    a first boss beater

    Developed and Programmed a command line game named GITCheckers in C language

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Contact info
  • Adress: Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Phone: +90 (537) 976 1784
  • Website:
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